2005 Ferrari 575 Maranello Superamerica


Hop into the lap of luxury with the 2005 Ferrari 575 Maranello Superamerica. This isn’t just a car, it’s a statement on wheels, boasting a perfect marriage of power and style. From the striking blue exterior to the sophisticated tan interior, it’s clear – this Ferrari was made for those who appreciate the finer things.


About this Car:

The 575 Maranello Superamerica carries the Ferrari legacy, a nod to their commitment to automotive perfection. So, for the collector who enjoys a bit of sun on their face and the wind in their hair, this car is just the ticket. With the 2005 Ferrari 575 Maranello Superamerica, you aren’t just taking a drive, you’re embarking on a memorable journey in a league of its own.

Car Details:

VIN Mileage Exterior Color Interior Color
ZFFGT61A350145719 1627 ML Blue Tan

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